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Restore Your Relationships Through Imago Therapy

We all dream of that special soul mate. Many of us find him or her. Some of us, so certain we’ve found that person, fall in love and expect a fairy-tale ending. But it doesn’t always end that way. Cracks form, our relationship hits a rough patch, and we wonder, “Are we supposed to be together?”

Understanding Your Blueprint For Love

The problem started years before we met our significant other. From a young age, we formed a blueprint of our ideal partner. This blueprint, our Imago, was informed by the positive as well as negative traits and experiences we had with our parents and other caretakers. As we grew up, we carried it with us, finding ourselves attracted to the person who seemed to match the blueprint. The possibility of perfect love reemerged, and we placed expectations on our partner that they simply could not meet. In fact, that’s part of the reason we were attracted to them! We want to get what we didn’t get from someone sort of like the people who didn’t give it to us in the first place! As the fairy tale began to unravel, we started to grasp for answers. What can be done?

For many of us looking to strengthen or repair our relationships, a couple’s private session and/or attending a Getting The Love You Want workshop for couples is just what we need.

What is Imago Therapy?

Imago is the Latin word for “image” and refers that that unconscious composite image of familiar love. The principles of Imago Therapy were first articulated by Dr. Harville Hendrix and his wife, Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt. Since then, hundreds of thousands of people have found rejuvenation and restoration through his practical relationship-building principles and strategies.

The core principles of Imago Therapy are:

  • Repetitive conflicts are rooted in our past
  • Dialogue is the vehicle that takes a couple from conflict to connection
  • We are both responsible for creating a conscious, safe relationship
  • As we stretch into gradually meeting our partner’s needs, we both experience healing and growth
  • There are always two perspectives to the story.
  • We avoid shame, blame and criticism.

How Does It Work?

Imago therapy is a process of seeing ourselves, our partners, and our relationship in a new way.

You will acquire tools to improve communication, resolve conflict, transform frustrations and re-romanticize your relationship.

The Getting the Love You Want Workshop for Couples is a 2 day in-depth experience that many people liken to 6 months of therapy in the course of a weekend.

Private sessions are also offered to couples or singles seeking a more individualized experience. These two components, the workshop and the private sessions, complement each other for an extremely effective and efficient way to create the relationship of your dreams! For ideas on how to start, see the FAQ page or contact information below.